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These Are the Best Nail Strengtheners on the Market
Dry, brittle nails are the worst. Whether due to nutritional deficiencies or wear and tear amplified by nail treatments like gel and acrylics, it can often feel hard to maintain healthy nails. It's safe to say that weak nails that are prone to splitting and snapping are a surefire way to ruin a fresh manicure.

How do nail strengtheners work?
Nail strengtheners work by boosting the overall health of your nails, supplying them with added nourishment and fortifying the nail plate with an extra layer of protection. The nail strengthener will form a flexible film on the nail surface, effectively shielding them from potential damage, making them an integral first line of defence for weak and brittle nails.

Ingredients-wise, it is recommended to find products with four key ingredients. The first is vitamin A, "which promotes nail growth and is the salve for vertical ridges that form on dry nails". Next, holistic ingredients like coconut oil, "which works as an all-natural way to lock in moisture and protect the nails from fungal and bacterial injections." 

For a further nail boost, it is recommended using products formulated with zinc and folic acid. "Zinc staves off discolouration on the nails that may be caused by a deficiency, and folic acid, which although commonly associated with prenatal care, is great in promoting new nail cells universally." 

Keeping your nails both looking and feeling their best doesn't just stop at strengthening products. Along with using nail strengtheners, it's important to practice healthy nail habits." Namely, "Never pick off gel polish as it damages the nails underneath, and always remember to use nail oil after painting the nails as it hydrates the cuticles.