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Experts Agree—Everyone Will Be Asking for These 6 Nail Colours in August
August is always a tricky month. It's that weird time at the end of summer when you're not really sure how you're meant to dress. On one hand, it can feel like it's time to give up shorts and T-shirts, but on the other, it's just a little too soon to be getting out the winter coats. One thing you don't have to be uncertain about this August though is your nail colour.

1. Olive Green
This stylish green hue looks so chic, adding just a subtle dash of colour to any look. There are lots of variations of olive green to choose from, and I've linked some of my favourites below.

2. Naked Nails

Another chic nail trend that's set to be huge this August is "naked" nails. This essentially means enhancing your natural nails with sheer nude or pink polishes. "In the summer months, some prefer a more stripped-back look, including for their manis," says Tinu Bello, celebrity manicurist and senior brand ambassador for Mylee. "Opting for sheerer nude shades highlights healthy nails for a 'no-mani mani' look. If you’re brave you can simply use a glossy top coat to achieve the look, or mix a drop of your favourite nude shade with a top or base coat to sheer out the colour."

3. Cool Red

"Reds never go out of style". "They evoke confidence and a passion for life, but we’re not going to see bold reds this August. Instead, we're seeing shades with a cooler tone, giving a slightly pinker hue. Gorgeous on all skin tones and nail lengths, this is definitely a shade to add to your mani wardrobe."

4. Glossy Black

Another nail trend I've been seeing all over social media lately is glossy black manis. Although some people prefer to only wear black in winter, I happen to think it works well all year round. The shiny finish makes it look so luxe, and you don't have to worry about your mani not matching your outfit.

5. Ocean Blue

"With a predicted heatwave coming to the UK in August, we want to bring the ocean to our manis with a gorgeous, pigmented blue," says Bello. "This shade works on all skin tones and nail lengths and can be customised for nail art, solid colour or tips."

6. French Tips

French tips have been in style for years, but they've definitely peaked in popularity again in recent months. With more and more people opting for that quiet-luxury look, French tips are the perfect way to give your mani that elevated feel, lending you an overall polished and put together look.